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The CCCE/Civics Corps recognizes the right of individuals to hold, express, and maintain personal political views and affiliations outside of the realm of non-partisan civic service.  When doing so, they are acting as individuals with the right of free expression and association and do not necessarily represent the views of the CCCE/Civics Corps.

Through participating in CCCE/Civics Corps’ non-partisan, intergenerational dialogues and civility-building civic service in their communities, participants will further develop their “uniquely human” and professional skill sets.  Thus, all collaborating institutions are asked to adhere to the goals and ethic of the CCCE for the Civics Corps students and to maintain non-partisan approaches and mindsets toward any projects undertaken in partnership with the CCCE/Civics Corps.

The CCCE/Civics Corps acknowledges that in recent years there has been a politicization of long-standing terminology like “applied civics” and “civic engagement” by groups and/or individuals representing various ideologies and sides of the political spectrum.  Thus, in its philosophy and approach, the CCCE/Civics Corps seeks to maintain a general neutrality toward partisan views and policies, political camps, and/or ideological agendas through a constructive focus on healthy civic dialogue, civic service, and non-partisan civics.

The CCCE/Civics Corps holds that in the history of the United States the duopoly-media nexus has been a source of unnecessary division and toxicity in American life and political culture.  By adhering to a non-partisan civic service approach, the CCCE/Civics Corps intends to provide students with the skills necessary to engage with their communities in ways that are respectful of political and other forms of diversity.

The CCCE/Civics Corps affirms that the right to vote must be guaranteed and is central to a healthy, well-functioning democratic republic as established under the United States Constitution and the self-governing documents of the states and territories of the United States of America.

Along these lines the following statement is used in recruitment activities:

Though individuals have a right to their own views and affiliations, as the Civics Corps, we are nonpartisan and do not formally affiliate with or support political parties or candidates.  Our work is about learning and service to the community.  Participants in the Civics Corps commit to supporting civility and civic well-being through role-modeling positive interactions and mindsets and to behaving respectfully, maturely, cooperatively, and professionally in all aspects of our work.